👑Victory Conditions (Season 1)

All about how to win prizes at the end of the season


After 6 months of playtime, the server season will end. This means that we will vote on what to do for the next season in terms of gameplay, maps, and more. Season 1 is currently live, and you can become the victor of the season by earning points. Points and judgements for some of these categories will be entirely handled by Staff Members only. You will also be given a full breakdown of the points and prizes at the end of the season!

What are Victory Conditions?

Victory Conditions are certain actions and requirements you must be the best in to get points in. The top 5 will be ranked, but points are more heavily skewed toward the top 3. Individuals will earn points for certain categories, but a town will split a pool of points for others.

Towny Victory Conditions:

  • Best Looking Town and Theme

  • Most Active Town Members

  • Largest Nation Ruler Town

  • Largest Individual Build

Individual Stat Conditions:

  • Highest McMMO Power Level

  • Highest per Job Level

  • Highest per McMMO Skill Level

  • High PyroFishing Level

  • Most Server Votes

  • Highest Rankup

Misc. Conditions:

  • Most Events Won/Participated

  • Best ArtMap Painting

  • Best Shop Warp

  • Best House Warp

  • Best Farm Warp

  • Best Misc. Warp

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