Chest Shops

How to use the chest shops available to players


Chest shops are one of the main ways players can earn income on the server. Player shops allow you to create a buy or sell shop for any item you wish. The price can be set accordingly and they are limited based on how many chest shops you buy at the Shopkeeper NPC. Many players choose to make player shops under their player warps to consolidate shopping areas.

Creating Shops

To begin, you can left click any chest with an item in your hand. It will prompt you to add a price to sell at. You can edit all the settings like quantity, buy or sell, shop, and price after if need be.

Helpful Commands

/qs buy - sets the shop to buying items /qs sell - sets the shop to selling items /qs price (price) - sets the price of the shop buying or selling /qs size (amount) - changes how many are being sold at the price /qs find (item) - help look for an item for purchase /qs info - information about the shop
An example of a shop