Seasons and Temperature

Now here's the weather


You may have noticed the changes in weather and the temperature on your action bar. We have seasons that change weather, spawns, and other features of the server. Temperature will also affect your regeneration and your movement. Seasons last like normal calendar days, but in Minecraft days rather than real time.
A cold, snowy day


  • Leaves change color to pink and water to light blue
  • Temperatures between 41°F - 73°F
  • Flowers spawn around forests
  • Spawns extra farm animals, bees, and rabbits


  • Leaves change to vibrant green, the sky is lighter, and the water turns light blue.
  • Temperatures between 77°F - 104°F
  • Berry Bushes will spawn instead of flowers
  • Crops grow 2x as fast
  • Days are 13 minutes long and nights are 7 minutes long
  • Husks spawn instead of zombies
  • Spawns extra ocelots, pandas, and parrots


  • Leaves change to all different colors and water turns dark and muddy looking
  • Temperatures between 41°F - 77°F
  • The sky turns to a gray color
  • Usually very rainy
  • Spawns extra bats, mooshrooms, foxes, spiders, and cave spiders


  • Leaves change to a blue color, the ground turns blue, the sky is white, and the water freezes
  • Temperatures between 14°F - 41°F
  • It will snow frequently and instead of rain
  • Days are 7 minutes long and nights 13 minutes long
  • Strays spawn instead of skeletons
  • Crops do not grow outdoors without a block above them
  • Spawns extra wolves, foxes, polar bears, and snowmen

Temperature Modifiers

Player temperature is affected by many different variables. Here are the variables:
  • Season
  • Time of Day (warmer in the day, colder at night)
  • Weather (Colder during rainstorms and snowstorms)
  • Armor (warmer with armor, significantly with leather armor)
  • Light sources
  • Being in the water (cools you down in the summer, freezes you in the winter)
  • Your food intake (warmer with a full hunger bar and cool down with water bottles)
  • Map height
  • Type of Biome
  • The Nether (a lot warmer in general)

Temperature Effects

Too Cold 14°F - -4°F

  • Hunger
  • Slowness
  • Freezing

Too Warm 122°F - 149°F

  • Slowness
  • No Healing
  • Combustion

Comfortable Temperature 59°F - 86°F

  • Regeneration