Getting Started

A quick start guide on what to expect!

What's at Spawn

At spawn, you can find some quick holograms providing some tutorial knowledge. You can also right click any NPC with a golden name tag in brackets. This will usually open up a shop or menu of a plugin or feature. We also recommend walking out from spawn, rather than random teleporting as the mobs get tougher the further you go near the world border.


The world gets a lot tougher the further you get away from spawn. Mobs have more HP and do more damage. Dying also costs $250 to open your death chest, so be cautious early on as you only get 2 chances to open your chest at the start of the game. PvP is also enabled around the world, however, you do get 3 hours of spawn protection, so use it wisely!


We recommend joining any towns that may be recruiting early on. Simply ask in chat if you're looking for a town This should help springboard a good start for you, along with protection from any PvP. If you do decide to start a town, it costs $5,000 with upkeep fees. Do note, that towns can be subjected to Siege Wars. Refer to Townyfor more info on all the commands and mechanics.

Making Money

The main way to make money is to join a job. At the start, you can only join one job, using /jobs browse. After leveling up a few times, you will be able to join more jobs. You can also sell fish under /fish menu for additional income. You can also sell items to other players at their chest shops if available.

Custom Items

All custom items can be obtained by Towny Resources or by Capture Sites. With the custom items, you can grow custom crops that can be sold for money. You can also craft furniture that can be placed around your bases. Enchants can be traded at the Wizard that can only be obtained through that shop. Lastly, you obtain custom wrapped tools that have unobtainable enchants.