Introduction to Towny

What is towny?


Towny is a land claim plugin that helps build a sense of a community for players. Towns allow you to do many special things, like assign plots, name areas to create districts, assign roles to players and create your own, create nations with other towns, and so much more. The guide for towny is quite complex, but you will learn that a lot of these features are easy to pick up as your needs will grow with your town.

Getting Started

A town costs $10,000 to start and every plot costs $8 of upkeep every real life day. We recommend players join other towns to start and grow their net worth like that. Starting a town requires that you claim blocks around your town and there is a limit. Once that limit is reached, you must buy more claim blocks at the Token Shop NPC at spawn, or invite more members. Players can be invited to your town with /town invite (name). All the commands and settings can be accessed with /town menu and if you are looking for pricing you can check under /towny prices.

New Towns/Nations

New Town
New Claim Block
$25 per
Cost Per Plot
New claim blocks will cost 1% more than the last, so adding new members and claiming new blocks will become harder if the players aren't active.