World Difficulty and Mob Levels

Explaining why our mobs hurt


The server is balanced to give new players a chance, but also have enough of a challenge for players looking for a challenge. Mobs get tougher the further you go from spawn and there is a safe zone with no PvP. After an 8,000 block radius, PvP is automatically enabled and so is PvP logging. Griefing and stealing is also allowed for any unclaimed town builds past that point. Mob level cap is also raised as well as damage, but they drop multiplied loot.
A really hostile dude

Safe Zone Rules

In the safe zone, there is no PvP allowed outside designated areas, and griefing and stealing is also not allowed. Mobs reach a cap level of 40 that scales the further you get from spawn. You are free to build outside of a town and not fear for any griefing as it can be rolled back, but we encourage that you lock your chests regardless to save some time and rollbacks.

PvP Zone Rules

In the PvP zone past 8,000 blocks, mobs scale up to level 60 and at a much more aggressive rate. These mobs drop more loot and enchanted books as well. PvP is also allowed and you cannot escape by logging out or trying to leave the zone. Your loot will also drop and you will not be able to /back to grab it. Griefing and stealing is also allowed, but towns can prevent that from happening here as well.