๐Ÿช‘Furniture Crafting

All about our furniture crafting!


In FrontierSMP, you can craft furniture using custom materials to decorate your home! All the furniture requires the texture pack, so make sure you load it in at the start of the server. There is a soft limit on the amount of furniture per chunk, so please do not crowd chunks with furniture.

How to Obtain Furniture

Furniture crafting materials can be obtained by one of two ways:

  1. Towny Capture Sites

  2. Towny Resource Surveying

While it can take some time to collect all the resources for crafting, we recommend trading with other towns as all Towny Resources are very valuable! You can combine all the crafting materials at /spawn by the market stall vendors.

Current Furniture Packs Available:

  • Medieval

  • Greek

  • Japanese

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