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Get your friends drunk!


Brewing is a way for players to make drinks with special effects and dab their hand in a new form of culinary arts. The drinks can have many different effects from Night Vision to Fire Resistance. Brewing does use some ingredients that can be tedious to acquire but they have just as good effects. Be warned, drinking too much will cause some unwanted side effects! Some of these effects can be lessened by drinking milk and eating bread.

Setting Up a Brewery

When setting up a brewery, a few things are required to begin making drinks. You need a barrel to age, a brewing stand to distill, and a heated cauldron to begin brewing.

Heat and Cauldrons

The first thing required in making a brewery is a heat source and a filled cauldron. Heat sources like lava, campfires, fire, and magma blocks can heat a cauldron and allow you to begin brewing.
The heat sources
The cauldrons


You can add ingredients by right clicking the cauldron. Furthermore, you can use a clock by right clicking to check how long it has been brewing.
Use a clock to check the status


After the drink is done boiling, you can take it out using bottles, though it may need to be aged or distilled. To distill a drink you will need a brewing stand with glowstone dust put inside and blaze powder is not needed.


Lastly, for the final part of the brewing process you will need a barrel. Regular Minecraft barrels can function for this process but there are custom plugin barrels that can contain more drinks. To make the small custom barrel it requires 8 stairs of the same kind of wood. For the larger barrel it requires 8 stairs, 20 planks, and 5 fences, of the same kind, to build. Lastly after building them, a sign with the word Barrel must be added to make them a functioning barrel.
(Some recipes require different types of wood for the brewing process.)
Example of a Barrel

Drink Ratings

Every drink has a star rating from 1-5. The rating dictates the quality of the drink and how potent its effects can be. A full star rating is worth 1 while a hollow star is worth 1 half.
Example of a drink rating


There are many recipes to collect and find that can produce drinks with different effects. Some of the simple ones will be listed below, however, you should always keep an eye out for someone that also holds a passion for brewing. Certain quests can be completed to learn of new recipes or unlock information on where to start. Here are 3 basic beer recipes to start



  • Ingreidents: 6 Wheat
  • Cooking Time: 8 Minutes
  • No Distilling
  • 3 Years
  • Alcohol Level: 6
  • No Effects

Wheat Beer

  • Ingredients: 3 Wheat
  • Cooking Time: 8 Minutes
  • No Distilling
  • 2 Years in Birch Barrels
  • Alcohol Level: 5
  • No Effects

Dark Beer

  • Ingredients: 6 Wheat
  • Cooking Time: 8 Minutes
  • No Distilling
  • 8 Years in Dark Oak Barrels
  • Alcohol Level: 7
  • No Effects
Explore brewing to discover more recipes!