Chat Channels

All our different channels and how to use them


FrontierSMP has many different channels for you to utilize. You can have private channels to talk to your town mates, announcement channels for trade, or even local channels to talk to those near. Everything is labeled and color coded to make it easier to spot as well.
Example of chat channels

Global Chat - /g

Main channel that is used as a default for everyone.

Local Chat - /l

Local chat that can only be heard by individuals 250 blocks from the speaker.

Towny Chat - /tc

Private Town chat that can only be accessed if you are in a town.

Nation Chat -/nc

Chat that can be accessed by the collection of towns in a nation.

Trade Chat - /trade

Chat to sell your announce your shops, items you are selling, or trade requests.

Help Chat - /h

Contact staff members quicker and get their attention with a matter needed in game.

Donator Chat - /dc

A special channel available to donators only.

Culture Chat /c

A channel that can only be accessed by town's that share the same culture.