Viking Expansion (#1)

All about the Viking Expansion


Hugalde is our first Viking city and expansion that is full of content. The settlement is the Viking's first expansion onto the new lands and has become a key point in a staging ground for the Vikings to launch raids. The town is plagued by many ancient powers that the Vikings ignored due to their arrogance and attraction to the strategic location of the land. You can access the settlement's warp by speaking to the Teleporter NPC at spawn and it will unlock under your /codex.
Hugalde - The Viking Settlement


  • 6 Story Quests
  • 3 Daily Quests
  • 5+ Custom Mobs with special textures
  • 1 Boss Fight
  • 5 Custom Textued Weapons
  • Custom Viking Armor
  • Custom Crafting Materials and Food Items
  • Seasonal Crate and Key


  • Speaking to the Transporter NPC at spawn will unlock /warp Hugalde so you can teleport there back and forth.
  • The map at the Adventurer's Guild building will show you the location of important locations on the map
  • Check /codex to see more information on the mobs and what they drop.
  • The cave an be found somewhere near the Jarl's Hall.
  • The hidden cove is hidden under a waterfall.