Tokens are earned for completing achievements and as rewards from other events. They can be used for rewards not found in the regular shopkeeper. The rewards include shortcut commands to make life easier, consumables, and in game currency. All of these can be purchased at the Token Shop NPC at spawn.
The Token Shop NPC at Spawn

Ways to Earn Tokens

  • Achievements- The main source is to complete achievements that can be found under /aach list.
  • Tournaments- Fishing tournaments that occur every so often every day can also earn tokens.
  • Voting- You can receive tokens for voting in all 3 crates.
  • Daily Rewards- Tokens can also be earned by logging in every day and checking your daily rewards
  • AirDrops- Coming Soon!


  • /gp pay (player) <amount> - Pay another player in tokens
  • /gp balance (player) - Check the token balance of anyone (also viewable on your scoreboard)
  • /gp top <page> - Check who has the most tokens