Tokens are earned for completing challenges and as rewards from other events. They can be used for rewards not found in the regular shopkeepers.The rewards include more Towny Blocks, Cosmetic Keys, Wraps Keys, and Vote Keys. More rewards will be added in the future as well!

Ways to Earn Tokens

  • Challenges- The main source is to complete daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. You can check available ones using the /challenges command..

  • Voting- You can receive tokens for voting in all 3 crates.

  • Contests: Contests will also reward tokens to you if you end up in the top 3.


  • /tokens pay (player) <amount> - Pay another player in tokens

  • /tokens balance (player) - Check the token balance of anyone (also viewable on your scoreboard)

  • /tokens top <page> - Check who has the most tokens

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