⏊Player Warps

Allow others to use your warps!


Player Warps are a level up reward for players on the server. They allow others to come visit your shop, grinder, or any location you would like to share. You can have up to 5 player warps from ranking up, and can set them to whatever name you like. Please note, any trap or obviously malicious warp is not allowed and will be punished.


  • /pwarp - Main Menu with all the Sponsor Slots and Warp Categories

  • /pwarp (warp) - Warp to a specific Warp

  • /pwarp set (warp) - Set your /pwarp location and name

  • /pwarp remove (warp) - Remove a specific warp

  • /pwarp desc set/remove (warp) - Set or remove your description for a warp

  • /pwarp list - List all of a player's warps

  • /pwarp amount - Shows how many warps you can set

  • /pwarp icon set/remove (warp) - Edit the GUI item icon for a warp

  • /pwarp category (warp) (category) - Set the category for your warp

  • /pwarp rate (warp) (rate) - Rate the quality of another's warp

  • /pwarp cost set/remove (warp) (cost) - Set a price to telepor to your warp

  • /pwarp reset (warp) - Move the location of a warp

  • /pwarp rename (warp) (newname) - Rename your warp

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